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About Dine to Unite

We all want to stay healthy so we can go back to our lives once we feel safe.  But what if there’s nowhere to go?  We all have our favorite places to eat, grab a coffee or relax with a hard-earned drink.  We have places where we have built lifelong memories with our families and friends.  Or that place with our favorite fried chicken, sisig or dessert?  Our good times spent at these places are what keep them in business. 

But now these restaurants are in trouble.  The sad fact is that many restaurants, bakeries, cafes and bars around Manila are suffering greatly during ECQ and could quickly run short of the cash to support day-to-day operations. Restaurants could close, the staff lose their jobs.

In fact, restaurant sales are down as much as 70% due to COVID-19 and ECQ.  That’s putting hard-working owners, operators, staff, delivery drivers, farmers, and just about everyone in the food industry at risk.

Even as quarantine measures begin to lift, we anticipate that there will still be social distancing restrictions that will have an impact on how the restaurants operate.

That’s why, on behalf of restaurants across Manila, we’re asking you to step up. Contribute what you can by ordering takeout or buying GCs from your favorite restaurants, so they can count on that income to keep things running.

Dine to Unite is a grassroots initiative to give restaurants a fighting chance amidst the COVID-19 health crisis. You’ll have delicious meals to look forward to, and your purchases will support restaurants in managing their businesses through uncertain times while keeping their staff and customers safe.

Mosaic Solutions

Who's Involved

Dine to Unite is a grassroots initiative spearheaded by Mosaic Solutions, a restaurant technology provider.  Mosaic technology works in the background to help restaurants run smoothly and efficiently.  We have insight into sales data and can see how our clients and all Manila restaurants could suffer and these businesses may not survive the crisis.  We are volunteering our development and management time to create this campaign to benefit all Manila restaurants.  We want to prevent restaurants from closing, and people from losing their jobs.  And all want restaurants to return to after the crisis.

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